Our Story

Rachel and Sarah

About us

Luella Grey London is a British-born handbag and accessory brand
 created by us, designers Rachel and Sarah. With over thirty years of combined design experience with global fashion brands, we have dedicated our experience, passion and friendship to designing elegant, contemporary pieces that are truly beautiful.  From the excellent customer service we give you to the flexibility we give our team, we’ll always stay true to our Luella Grey Values.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, to bring women like you, and us, stylish, luxurious handbags and accessories that are as desirable as they are practical. Offering a choice of bags for all occasions, whether it’s a day-to-evening handbag, a wedding clutch or simply a practical work tote, we believe we’ve thought of everything!

Uniquely Luella

Blending timeless designs with modern details, every style is
finished with a statement piece of beautiful jewellery. Taking inspiration from elegant handcrafted jewellery, each metal trim is uniquely designed in our South London studio and provides a finish that is completely exclusive to Luella Grey.

Making only what we need

Making only what we need

We believe in making only what is needed. Unlike many fashion brands, we create our collections in small batches, with the aim of selling out. This practice reduces waste and ensures our pieces are made thoughtfully, and with appropriate time and care.

Penelope Conker Handbag

Commitment to nature

The journey towards sustainability is an ongoing one, but a goal to which Luella Grey is deeply committed. At Luella Grey a carefully considered ethical production line is a fundamental element of our business that has been imperative on our journey. We diligently visit our factory and have built a strong relationship with the owners; they too are part of the Luella Grey family!

PU (polyurethane) is the main material used – a less harmful variant of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for the environment. Furthermore, Luella Grey has taken steps to reduce the plastic packaging on all bags ensuring our carbon footprint is as minimal as possible.