Everyone's Raving About Raffia

Everyone's Raving About Raffia

A key Summer '24 trend is Raffia. These natural fibred accessories are universally loved during the warm-weather months (when they finally arrive!) If summer were a bag, it would be a raffia one! 
But what is 'Raffia'? 
Raffia is a natural material that comes from the leaves of the Raffia palm tree (Raphia farinifera). It has the biggest leaves among palm trees, reaching up to 20 meters long. The leaves of the Raffia palm tree are long and thin, and they are harvested and processed to create the fibre that is used in raffia products and for crafting. Read more about this palm here


Harvesting Raffia is considered a sustainable practice, which means that the plant is not harmed during the process and can continue to grow and produce. Once harvested, the leaves are stripped, and their strands are dried in the sun.


It is commonly used in crafts, fashion, and in homes due to its versatility and durability. Its use dates back to ancient times, where it was used for everything from making baskets to roofing houses.  It is soft and strong and evokes the sense of hesian and linen summer clothing that keep you cool and are soft to touch. 

Raffia fibres are incredibly tough and resistant to tearing, which makes them ideal for creating sturdy baskets, hats, bags and other items that need to hold their shape over time. 

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